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Our value-packed ERISA Plan: The BASICS PDF equips plan committee members with a basic understanding of ERISA and your fiduciary responsibilities. 

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“As the qualified plan industry evolves and legislative/regulatory requirements ramp up … plan sponsors have never been in more need of help or more liable as fiduciaries than right now. This service to plan sponsors is timely, appropriate & more necessary than ever.”

RFP 401K Advisor
Managing Director National Asset Management Firm

“Plan sponsor committee members are tasked by ERISA and other regulatory bodies with complex fiduciary and governance requirements. These requirements are very much subject to interpretation. The maze of “reasonableness,” in evaluating fees vs service is complex and confusing. RFP 401k Advisors provides a service that helps to understand these requirements and how to implement a prudent process for choosing an ERISA Advisor.”

RFP 401K Advisor
Regional Director Large National Recordkeeper
25 year industry experience

"Working with Eric gave us confidence knowing that we would select the advisor best suited to our plan and participants. The process was very thorough, well documented, and we were involved in every step."

RFP 401K Advisor
Committee Member Plan Fiduciary