Taking The Headache And Confusion Out Of The ERISA Advisor RFP Process

ERISA Plan Advisor capabilities, cost and service models can vary significantly. Your fiduciary duty to your retirement plan requires you to understand the fee and service model of your advisor as well as how it compares to other advisors that could potentially serve your plan. Plus, you want a good cultural fit.

You need a trusted partner who understands the landscape of ERISA Advisors to help you with this evaluation. That’s where we can help.
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Over 25 Years Of Experience

At RFP 401k Advisor, we’ll walk you step by step through an effective and prudent process.

Why Us?

Let Us Find You The Right ERISA Advisor

Let’s face it, an advisor search for your company’s retirement plan is about as enjoyable as finding a new cell phone plan, a new cable TV provider or even buying a new car. There comes a time when you know it’s necessary, but it’s easy to rationalize and procrastinate. Your fiduciary duty demands it and, an even better reason, you and your employees deserve it.

If you conduct an advisor search every 3 – 5 years as suggested by fiduciary best practices, you don’t exactly become an expert. It’s difficult to discern what is different among most top ERISA Advisors. Additionally, it’s even harder to evaluate cultural fit from an RFP process.

At RFP 401k Advisor, we’ll walk you step by step through an effective and prudent process.

What We Do - The RFP Process

For Plan Sponsors

Discovery Consultation

Discovery consultation to
identify your needs


Training for your plan committee members regarding ERISA 3(21) vs ERISA 3(38) advisors

RFI Interviews

RFI interviews with ERISA Advisor teams to determine baseline qualifications

RFP content review

Isolate content that “looks like everyone else” from what you are truly searching for

Proposal Reviews

Evaluation by RFP 401(k) Advisors, facilitate plan committee review and discussion

Document The Process

Guidance on how to document the search and selection process

Let Us Help You Find The Right Advisor To Manage Your Company’s Retirement Plan

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What Our Clients and Industry Experts Say About Us.

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“As the qualified plan industry evolves and legislative/regulatory requirements ramp up, plan sponsors have never been in more need of help or more liable as fiduciaries than right now. This service to plan sponsors is timely, appropriate & more necessary than ever.”

RFP 401K Advisor
Managing Director National Asset Management Firm

“Plan sponsor committee members are tasked by ERISA and other regulatory bodies with complex fiduciary and governance requirements. These requirements are very much subject to interpretation. The maze of “reasonableness” in evaluating fees vs service is complex and confusing. RFP 401k Advisors provides a service that helps to understand these requirements and how to implement a prudent process for choosing an ERISA Advisor.”

RFP 401K Advisor
Regional Director Large National Recordkeeper
25 year industry experience

"Working with Eric gave us confidence knowing that we would select the advisor best suited to our plan and participants. The process was very thorough, well documented, and we were involved in every step."

RFP 401K Advisor
Committee Member Plan Fiduciary
What We Do

For Advisors

To be clear, we are focused on serving the plan sponsor in their advisor search process, but we can also help ERISA advisors in their relationships with clients and prospective clients.  Here are ways we can help the ERISA Advisor community:


We can speak at client/prospective client seminars

RFP Process

Assist you in more transparent communication in the RFP process


We provide ERISA Fiduciary Training to Plan Committees. Facilitate and/or sponsor the delivery of this training.

RFP Questions

Assist plan sponsors with a better RFP question set to help differentiate advisor services

Provide Guidance

Provide guidance to plan sponsors and advisors regarding best communication to promote plan sponsor’s effective monitoring of the ERISA Advisor

Are You An ERISA Advisor Who Needs Assistance?

Contact us now for additional information on how we can help.

Contact us now for
additional information on how we can help.

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